behaviour of "Boot in safe mode"

behaviour of "Boot in safe mode"

The iAMT WEB interface offers the following point:

Remote Control --> Cycle power off and on --> Boot in safe mode

Restarting the computer with this feature leads to a regular restart. No special behaviour can be seen. It does the same than normal restart.

What should this feature do?

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I'll start off with the basic question: What system are you using here? Previously you've asked about an AMT 6.1 system if I remember correctly, is this still the case?

Yes the version is still

We can't see a difference between "Normal boot" and "Boot in safe mode".

Is there a difference?
If yes, what's the difference?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

In a further test I noticed a difference between "Normal mode" and "Boot in safe mode".

"Normal mode":
The AMT computer boots from the first device of the boot order.

"Boot in safe mode":
The AMT computer boots always from the hard drive. Even if there is another device the first one in the boot order (e.g. DVD).

==> So I guess that "Boot in safe mode" is designed to boot Windows from the HDD in it's "Safe mode". But this is not the case. Independent from the boot order always the OS on the hard drive is started. But Windows is not started in safe mode, it starts normal.

Is it right, that the option "Boot in safe mode" is designed to boot Windows in safe mode. But that there is still somewhere a bug?

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My understanding is that the "Boot to Safe Mode" is part of the ASF spec, but it requires BIOS and OS interaction, so really no one implements it. Windows really doesn't have a way for the BIOS to specify that the system should be booted in safe mode without doing something like feeding it keystrokes to force it to enter safe mode. I've worked with AMT since 2.5, and I've never seen a system where the BIOS implemented "Boot to Safe Mode". If you want to get to safe mode, your best bet would be to boot to SOL, and force the system into Safe mode yourself.


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ok sounds so far plausible.

But one thing is strange. Why did Intel implemented this feature in it s web interface, when even windows is not able to receive this info (boot in safe mode) from the AMT / BIOS.

Why did they added a feature to their AMT firmware, when they knew that their is no OS, which supports that feature? Will windows have this feature on day? Are their known plans?

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