Need Sample code contain's API's to use the feature Remote Agent Presence Interface

Need Sample code contain's API's to use the feature Remote Agent Presence Interface

Hi All,

Anpartner is looking to implementAMT (remote agent presence interface), the ISV has done research on SDK but we are not able to find sample codes contains API to use this functionality. kindly help us to find API's to implement Remote Agent Presence interface feature of iAMT.


An IT administrator uses the Remote Agent Presence Interface to register applications that are required by IT policy to run on client platforms, such as Anti-virus, firewall, or software installation tracking programs. ISVs develop these applications incorporating calls to the Local Agent Presence Interface. When the application starts executing, it sends heartbeat messages to Intel AMT. If the application fails to start or stops running due to a virus interrupting its operation or due to a user shutting it down, Intel AMT detects the problem and can send an alert to a management console using the Event Management Interface. A System Defense policy, created with the Circuit Breaker Interface can limit workstation access to the network until the interrupted application is operational.

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Hi Mohammed,

I know that the DTK has a very good implementation of Agent Presence, between the Commander and Outpost. I would start with that code.


Hi Roger,

Thanks for your earlyresponce, we have problem finding API's on Managbility TFA to implement agent presence. kindly help us with sample codes and API's to understand agent presence and easily implement the same.

Your help is highly appritated.

Mohamed Ameer


Please see the Managability Developer Tool Kit (DTK) for sample code at the link below.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help, really appritate your responce.


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