SOL and IDER status conflict

SOL and IDER status conflict


I'm enumerating amt information using AssetDisplay.exe(both in SOAP and WS-Man), in that responseshowing as IDER and SOL were enabled


Enumerating types = AMT Information


Item #0


StructureVersion: 1.0

AmtSupported: Supported

AmtEnabled: Enabled

IDEREnabled: Enabled

SOLEnabled: Enabled

NetworkEnabled: Enabled

ExtendedData: 165


IDE Redirection Supported

Serial over LAN Supported

BIOS boot into setup screen supported

OEMCapabilities2: PC-ANSI

OEMCapabilities3: 0

OEMCapabilities4: 0

Reserved: 0

When i enumerate AMT_RedirectionService using winrm getting EnabledState = 32768 which means IDER and SOL are disabled.
Why there is conflict in IDER and sol status(between Enumerate Amt Information and enumerate AMT_RedirectionService)


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Hi Mani - what version of AMT are you calling AMT_RedirectionService with where it is showing that SOL and IDER are disabled?

Also here is a link to a blog that talks about redirection and WinRM - not sure it will be useful to you - if so, enjoy!

Hi Gael,

I'm using AMT 6.0.3-build 1195.
Is it possible to disable SOL and IDE-R from BIOS?


There areSOL/IDER settings in the MEBx and they must be enabled there, otherwise you will not be able to enable/disable them using the API calls.


Hi Gael,

I'm using ACER Veriton X680G. In MEBx we have option to disable SOL and IDER. when I disabled that and checked enumerate AMT information using Assetdisplayand got the proper value SOL,IDER as disabled

I tried disabled SOL alone in MEBx and tried AMT information enumeration using Assetdisplay, it is showing as SOL enabled and IDER as disabled

Similarly I tried disabled IDER alone in MEBx and tried AMT information enumeration using Assetdisplay, it is showing as IDER enabled and SOL as disabled.

Why it's showing incorrect information?

Is it possible to remotely enable SOL, IDER settings ?

Using AMT_RedirectionService we can enable/disable listener state only, Correct me if I'm wrong?

we have one more setting in MEBx Legacy Redirection Mode, how we can take this staus remotly(like enumerating AMT information)

Is it possible to remotely enable Legacy Redirection?

Can you explain about Legacy Redirection Mode, since I'm confused with listener state?


Hi Mani,

Something to keep in mind here is what Enabled and Disabled mean. In some of the API calls, the status for SOL/IDER are actually for Available/Unavailable but the responses come back as Enabled/Disabled. If the BIOS has made SOL or IDER unavailable(disabled), then they cannot be enabled in the MEBx, however, if the BIOS has made them available(enabled), then they can be Enabled or Disabled by MEBx and AMT. Also, the availability of SOL/IDER depends on the configuration mode of the AMT system. In past generations, if the system was configured in SMB mode, then SOL/IDER were automatically set to enabled, however, if you configured the system in Enterprise mode, then SOL/IDER were set to disabled, and you had to make an API call to enable them. I hope that this sheds a little light on the behavior.


As Roger mentioned, systems configured in SMB mode (prior to AMT 6.0) had redirection automatically enabled.AMT 6.0 systems have the Legacy Redirection setting to automatically enable the redirection listener once initial configuration is complete.

Please refer to the following section in the SDK documentation: Intel AMT Features > Redirection (SOL and IDE-R) > Detailed Description

Hi Roger,

I think there is no setting in BIOS to disable SOL and IDER. I pressed ctrl+p while booting and entered to AMT settings(MEBx) and tried disable/nable SOL/IDER.I didn't disabled SOL/IDER in BIOS.

What is the API call we need to use for enable SOL/IDER?


Hi Mani,

This is exactly what I was talking about. The availability of SOL/IDER are controlled by settings that made in the BIOS image build tools at the time of building the BIOS image. Most BIOSs don't expose these settings to the users. The settings are reported in the SMBIOS tables. This is what you are seeing when the platform capabilities call is saying that SOL/IDER are enabled, that is, they are available. The WSMAN call is reporting the current state of the services, which is disabled. The state of the SOL/IDER is probably being set by your configuration process to setup AMT to control the system. Go check the values of these settings in your configuration scripts for your configuration server, or if you're using manual setup, then check the values of these settings in the MEBx.


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