error: failed getting version from fw

error: failed getting version from fw

Hi there!

I have an HP 2510p laptop shipped with Intel management engine v. that was runing ok, but now the system is hanging on POST for about 30-60 seconds and showing the next errors before and during windows:

before windows- on POST:

"Failed getting version from FW" and do not let start the ME console by CTRL-P

In windows xp professional sp3/ driver managger:

yellow error- code 10 at "intel management engine interface" device

yellow error-code 10 at "Intel active management technologie-SOL(COM4)" device

I must to say that i have try everything,reinstalland change OS, reinstall all device drivers available on HP web site, update the BIOS to latest version or downgrade it, change the options on BIOS settings for TPM and ATM, clear the CMOS and change memory module, but nothing sove this problem....

Hp thecnical support says "reinstall device drivers"...

I hope that you experts will help me, please ...!


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Hi David,

From the error message that you're getting, I would say that the ME FW in you system has gotten corrupted. That's not supposed to happen, but sometimes it does. If it is corrupted, then you will have to send the system to service to get it repaired. There's no way for a customer to fix a corruptedME FW on theirown. Re-installing the drivers won't help.

Here's what you need to do:
Boot to the BIOS setup and look at: System Configuration>AMT settings. If this is greyed out, then there is a problem with the ME FW.

Take a picture of the System Configuration page and post it here.

Get on the web and download a copy of Read-Write Everything, or any tool that will allow you to read the PCI config registers.

Read the DWORD value from PCI bus 0, device 3, function 0, registers 0x43-0x40; this is the ME FW status register.

Post the value to the forum.


Very thanks for your advice Roger,

Finally, let me ask you 2 questions more:

1- is it possible to use some kind of bios tools like HPDMI for disable or turn off ATM or ME devices?
2- is it possible to flash or reset these devices using usb keys or cd-boot with special tools


Hi David,

If the problem really is an issue with the ME FW, then the only way to fix the problem is to reflash the entire contents of the ME FW, which can only be done by a service technician. You need to collect the info that I suggested in order to really tell what the problem is.


Hi Roger, I appreciate your help.

According to your instructions here are the pics requested using the Read-Write program version v1.4. As seen in the names of the photos, I discriminated it in before activating ATM in the bios and after activating these functions. According to what you said in the message above it seems that the system is recoverable because the menus of the ATM in the bios are not disabled. I have some idea about computers and by my own and full responsibility i would welcome your advice on how to reflash the Entire contents of the ME FW.

Thank you very much



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