Best compatible Processor and motherboard for AMT

Best compatible Processor and motherboard for AMT

Hi,For the ISV'swho are willing to work on AMT technology, please suggested the best fit processor+motherboard which would support there work.

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I'll point out current generation (2010 platform, AMT 6) systems, since they can have the KVM feature which there is a lot of interest in.

First off, the vPro Expert Center tracks vPro capable systems (here: ). Any of the systems thathave 6.0 in theLatest AMT version column will be current generation platforms. It's important to note that for KVM, you will need to pick out a processor with integrated graphics (you can check which processors have integrated graphics on, the majority of the i5/i7 processors will have integrated graphics. It's also important to note that if the system has a discrete graphics part, then

On the Intel side, there are some Intel motherboards that support current generation AMT, one of which is the DQ57TM. Here's the processor list for compatible processors for that board: . For vPro, the majority of the i5 or i7 processors will do, although like I mentioned previously for the KVM feature you'll need integrated graphics (listed as Intel HD graphics in the attached link). The i5-680, i5-670, i5-660, or i5-650 will work to give you vPro and KVM.

Of course, the 2011 platform launch will be early next year, and as part of that there will be some additions to vPro.

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