Intel System Defense Utility aborts after connecting to a AMT PC

Intel System Defense Utility aborts after connecting to a AMT PC


I wanted to test the Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU).

I added a AMT computer to the tree on the left side of the ISDU tool. Then I selected the added computer. In the "Connection & Settings" tab-page of this AMT computer I pressed the Connect button. After a few seconds, a connection was established to the AMT Computer. In the frame "General Info" a few infos about the AMT comptuer were displayed. After another second the ISDU application crashed.


I tried several tests. I installed the ISDU tool on Windows XP and on Windows 7 on both OS the same problem is present.

I also added the AMT PC in the tree on the left side of the ISDU tool, by refering it with it's IP address as well with it's FQDN. Here also int both cases the described problem exists.

I don not have furhter ideas, what else I can do to avoid the described problem and to establish a connection to test the ISDU tool.

Does anybody work with this tool?
Can somebody tell me, how to solve the described prolbem (how to connect without a crash)?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Hi - I just installed the utility on my system (Windows XP) and connected to an AMT 6.0 AMT Client. As soon as it connected, an error box popped up and said that it had encountered a problem and needed to close. And it is sorry for the inconvenience... What is odd is that I just ignored the error message, moved it away (if you close it, ISDU will close.) I was able to remotely control my AMT system, I brought up the Web UI from the interface, I created a System Defense fileter (and verified it from bringing up the DTK...) As long as I did not close that error message box, I was able to manage my system using that utility. Is this what you are experiencing?

Ylian responded to one of the other questions as well. Not sure you can avoide the error message upon the successful connection but it does seem to work if you don't close it.


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