one question about network filter

one question about network filter

hello, I have a question about network filter.

I used the RDK commonder to create a IP filter, i had selected a direction , i found the "TCP/IPV4 Packet Filter" below, i had to select a direction again and input a IP Address and mask. what is the relationship between the two directionthat i input, andwhat is the meanningof the IP Address which i input.


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There is a nice description of how the System Defense filters work in the AMT SDK Documentation - you can read about them online here.

Look under Intel AMT Features/System Defense/Detailed Descriptions. There is a section that identifies what the filter types are and what they do.

Let us know if this helps.


Hello, thanks for your reply.

Maybe I didn't discribe my question clearly, and forgive my poor english.

I had read the AMT SDK Documentation online, and I found that the struct of the Filter supplyed online doesn't the very like the struct supplyed by the SDK samples. for example, I create a filter like the following.

name = IPFilter;
FilterProfile = 0;
FilterDirection = 0;
ActionEventOnMatch = 0;
HdrIPVersion = 0;

after I input all this parameters, I had to input a specifed Ip Address and mask and the direction. Through it doesn't had to, but I can not understand what is the specifed Ip address means? Is it only in AMT SDK 3.0?

Do I describe it clearly? I don't know post a picture to this forum, or I can describe it more clearly.


Hmm, maybe the best way to proceed is to go with a simple example. Could you give a simple example of the behavior are you trying to get AMT perform? Block all traffic? Allow traffic to a certain IP range? If I know that, I think I can give you an example of the AMT_*Filter and associated AMT_SystemDefensePolicy you'd need to create to have that behavior (assuming, of course, that it's possible)


Thanks for replying.

Maybe I haven describe my question clearly. Can I have your email address, I can email you, and describe more detail about my question.


ahju, I have tried to answer your question in Chinese forum.

Thanks ahju for this Question, I was suffering the same problem from past 2 days..I Google'd it too but couldn't found it...satisfied Now..Thanks

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