is the System Defense Utility redistributable

is the System Defense Utility redistributable


is the System Defense Utility redistributable?

Is it allowed to redistribute the Intel System Defense Utility on our Restore DVDs together with our software, for our new AMT computers?

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The use of the System Defense Utility is governed by our Software License Agreement. The language is not too scary, but I don't feel comfortable giving you guidance until I've spoken with our attorney. Can you give me a little more info on how you plan to use/redistribute it so that I can give the complete story to our legal group. If you don't want to post the info publicly, you can drop me a note:

Our new computers will have the AMT feature.

To being able to answers possible questions of our customers we did several tests for our own.

Further we will add some AMT related - infos / getting started instructions / ... - as PDF file to our recovery DVDs.

A colleague asked us to test the Intel System Defense tool. And if it is usefull and redistributable we might add it to our reovery DVDs and/or OS images.

But now I tried to test the ISDU tool, but it didn't worked:

1. Do you know a solution for the problem?

2. What did the legal group said? Is it redistributable?

Hi - we do now support this utility here - I went out to the URL where you can download it and there is a link for support - you might want to try there:,2557

Intel System Defense Utility may be used with the Intel Desktop Boards based on:

  • Intel Q965 Express Chipset
  • Intel Q45 Express Chipset
  • Intel Q35 Express Chipset

What system are you running the Utility on? And regarding your question about whether it is redistributable - you might want to ask that when you send your questions to the support email.

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