one question about System Defanse

one question about System Defanse


I was reading the SystemDefanse.pdf in SDK, and I read the following words in the pdf.

FilterProfile:Determines whether the file action is Pass With Statistics, Drop With Statistics, Drop, Pass or Rate limit filter.

I don't what Drop, Pass means. Are the meaning Drop limit filter and Pass limit filter?

I had read the programs in the SDK and run the command in RDK, and I also cann't understand.

Is any one know it?


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You mention referring to the PDF's, you might have an older version of the SDK. I'd recommend either getting the latest version of the SDK, or accessing the online version of the HTML based documentation (here: ). The Intel AMT Features -> System Defense ->Detailed description section goes into more details on what these mean.

I got it. Thanks.

The online documentation is very useful for me, it's very good!

Glad it helps, I personally think it's one of the biggest improvement's in this year's SDK. The same documentation is actually part of the SDK for offline viewing as well.

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