KVM-Unsupported or inactive display adapter

KVM-Unsupported or inactive display adapter

Hi guys,

I'm getting this error message after being connected for a few seconds to a AMT machine using the KVM Viewer Stadard Port (Commander tool):
Connection Stopped
Connection to remote machine stopped. Reason: Error: 0x80862000: Unsupported or inactive display adapter

My made sure my display adapter is a NVIDIA NVS 3100m. The few seconds the connection is established shows a black screen.

Thank you!,

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Can you switch to the Integrated Graphics? That was one of the big things to look for when purchasing new vPro systems - some support AMT 6.x but don't support KVM because they don't have the right display adapters.


Hi Gael - How do I switch to the integrated graphics? is it an option in the Bios? or in control Panel? (in the control panel>display>advanced setting I can see the NVIDIA NVS 3100M adapter)
Thank you!

I guess we need to make sure your system has the Integrated Graphics Adapter - can you verify that by looking in your Device Manager? Mine lists: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD.

Which system do you have? (ie, processor, OEM)

It's a Thinkpad T410, Intel core i7 and Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN. Mine lists Display Adapter>NVIDIA NVS 3100M. Features like WebUI and asset inventory work fine.

If it only lists the NVIDIA display adapter, then it is not going to support KVM. Can you contack Lenovo and find out what the KVM story is for your system?

When I was ording our Lenovo systems I had to specify that I wanted the Integrated Graphics. Did you do that?

Yes I did, The NVIDIA NVS 3100m Graphics 512 MB DDR3 supports AMT (as I showed in my previous post http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/showthread.php?t=76173), I made sure of asking Lenovo if NVIDIA graphics will work with AMT and they said yes, but for some reason I'm not believing in that now.

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The nVidia controller will work just fine with AMT, but it will not work with KVM. Only Intel integrated graphics will work with KVM.

Roger is correct, you have to be really careful when ordering your systems to make sure it has integrated graphics in order to use the KVM feature: my Blog about this....

Will Lenovo will let you switch out the system with one that supports KVM?


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