Manageability Director needs a long time to start

Manageability Director needs a long time to start

After starting the Director it need a long time until it appears on the screen.

1. Do you know, when a new release of this tool will be available?

2. Will this behaviour be fixed in this new release.

3. Is there a workaround / bug fix to fix this very slow start?
3.a. Maybe adding/modifying/deleting... a registry key
3.b. Disconnecting the network
3.c. .... some thing else, that can be done to speed up the start of the Director?

Thanks in advance for your help full answers.

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The Director tool is not available in the last DTK because AFAIK is not supported anymore; so which version of the DTK do you have?
Is the Commander tool an option for you?

What does your network configuration look like? Are you connected to the internet or are you on a private net? I seem to remember that one of the releases of the DTK is expecting to have an internet connection and if that's the case it starts up within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise it tries to connect and has to time out before it starts working.

Thanks for your fast answers.

* It's a private network without a internet connection.
* Version: Manageability_Developer_Tool_Kit_0_6_0937_2.msi

==> Is this the version with the internet problem?
--> If so, where can I download the predecessor version without this bug?

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Hi - you might want to download the latest version off the manageability community: here
The latest version is: 6.0.10097.2. I have it running on my system (on a private net) and it looks like they fixed that issue.

Let me know if it is starting faster for you.


FYI: This was listed in the release notes:

** Resolved Issues **
* Addresses redirection errors in the Manageability Commander Tool and the
Manageability Terminal Tool when systems are configured to use a Sub-CA
* Addresses launch/execution performance issues with limited network

Thanks for the link to the newest DTK. Unfortunatly the DTK 6.0.10097.2 doesn't contain the Manageability Director.

The latest Manageability Director release is contained in the DTK with the Version 0_6_0937_2.

1. May be older Manageability Director releases does not have the problem with the slow starts. Is there
such an older version without this problem? If yes, where can we download it?

2. Is the development of the Manageability Director stopped? Or do you plan to release a new version of it? If
yes, when will the next version be available for download?

I frequently use an old version: the DTK Intel_AMT_Developer_Tool_Kit_v0[1][1].28, with no Director's slow start problem. I don't have the link because I downloaded a lot of time ago but maybe Gael has another link for you.

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