IDE-R limitation

IDE-R limitation


I redirect 4GB ISO file using IMRGUI.exe and then copied the iso file in AMT machine itself. Copy operation stopped around 2 GB. When I checked AMT SDK for IDE-R, I found a restriction The transferred file must be less than 2Gbytes.

Can anyone clarify the following?

1. The transferred file must be less than 2Gbytes Single file should not be greater than 2GB and can I copy the same file any number of times.

2. In DVD I have many files and total size is greater than 2GB, Can I redirect that complete DVD to AMT machine

3. If I try remote OS installation using an ISO file or DVD (size greater than 2GB and redirecting the ISO file or DVD), will that installation succeed

I couldnt understand the 2Gbytes restriction.



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Hi Mani,

There is a 2GB restriction due to us supporting only CDs in the current version of AMT. (It's nice that we can also use DVDs, but we are currently limited by the "CD" size restrictions.)

For now you will need to use the smaller ISOs.


Hi, is there still a limitation to transfer a .ISO file to AMT 6 and AMT 11 usind IDE-R, my .ISO file is about 4.8GB.

Hey Mauro,

I can't find anything in the docs, nor within the redirection library that would dictate a size. However keep in mind the image gets downloaded to RAM, then launches. So if your using large files you may run into available memory issues.

Also when working with large iso's network speed is going to be an issue, so best practice is to initiate IDER boot, while the system is already in an OS. Reason is described here.

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