Local connection to Intel AMT failed

Local connection to Intel AMT failed

I installed Manageability Outpost Tool on my computer (running XP SP2). Everything is configured at BIOS leveland I'm able to connect to AMT using Manageability Outpost Tool and get Engine Information (among other things)

BUT, when I use Manageability Outpost Tool as a Windows Service, an error occurs.
Service is successfully installed and started but when I try to log into the Intel AMT local interface, an error is displayed after approx. 30 sec (Error message is the following: Local connection to Intel AMT failed)

See more info in attached file

Any suggestion ?

Downloadapplication/rtf MoreInfo.rtf8.44 MB
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I don't think that your system is configured correcty for AMT. The Manageability tab on the IMSS says "Std Mng". If AMT were correctly configured, that tab would say "Intel AMT". I think that your system has been setup for ASF not AMT. I would go back and look at how your system was configured. Was it configured using the SCS, a management console, the DTK, or what?


Hello Philippe,

A few comments...

-It appears you have a Standard Manageability system and not a full vPRO AMT system.I don't think this wouldbe causing your error, but you may want to take a look at this Blog postto learn more about it.

-There is support available for the tool you are using. You should find a bug report availablealong with the Manageability Developer Tool Kit installation.You can send via email to Business-Client-Software-support@intel.com .

-You may want to check if there is a FW update available from your system vendor.


Thanks for your reply. Configuration has been done at BIOS level (and BIOS extension level). Everything works well locally and remotely (SOL, IDER, ..) but the point I mentionned. I will check again and post current configuration in details. The board I'm using is AIMB-780, from Advantech.



Hi Lance,

Thanks for the comments

The board I'm using is AIMB-780, from Advantech
Chipset:Intel Series 5 - Q57
Processor:G6950 - 2.8 GHz
According to Intel documentation, it should support AMT 6.0

FW and drivers are the most recent ones (from http://support.advantech.com.tw/support/DownloadSearchByProduct.aspx?keyword=aimb-780)

I will submit a bug report and update this message accordingly



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