Network tools for testing system defense

Network tools for testing system defense


For testing system defense tools like Intel Network Traffic tool, Intel network status, Manageability Network Defense Tool were mentioned in pdf documents and in videos.I downloaded the Manageability Developer Tool Kit and didn't find any tools related to system defense.Tried searching intel website and I'm unable to find the link to download these tools. Please send me the link details to download the tools


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Hi Mani,
Thanks for your question. Some of the tools in the developer tool kit are being end of lifed and unfortunately the ones you are looking for are not part of the latest download for that reason. If you need these tools, they are availalbe in the older versions.

When you visit the Manageability Developer Toolkit donwload page, please read the first bullet under the new functionality in the latest drop and it briefly talk about end of lifed components with link to the previous releases. I copied it here for your convenience.

"" Kit includes only Manageability Commander, Connector, Outpost (Remote Agent), & Outpost Service Control Panel Tools. With the exception of Manageability Director Tool, the remaining tools have been End-of-Lifed (EOL'd) ""


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