Von Neumann architecture

Von Neumann architecture

Hi Experts....Good day, hope everyone are well.I'm still new to AMT and I have a little knowledge on the technology but I really do LOVE to explore AMT so much, I was wondering if we can apply AMT client-server to a Von Neumann architecture client side? I think it would be great If I can apply it on my research project.Sincerely Thanks,Sel

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Why do all these random questions that don't make any sense appear on this forum? Is there a language barrier problem? Maybe there should be some moderation?

inbrian: Yes, we run into occasional language barrier problems, for the most part we apply a pretty lenient filter to removing comments, as long as someone seems to be asking legitimate questions about manageability or security topics (directly vPro related or not), we tend to leave the questions alone, especially ifthat personhashistorically asked meaningful questions. And if you think some of the topics you're seeing now are offtopic, you should see the ones we remove! I think it's safe to say links to sites to buy iPads, or copy and pastes of other thread content aren't relevant.

Roseele: I'm not sure I follow what you're trying to ask here. Could you expand on what you mean?

Hi Sir Andrew,pardon me, I was months away on AMT research and just now I'm back with some research and thinking about innovations I can apply AMT. About the thread, for example: having a terminal Kiosk or POS terminal or any terminal having von neumann architecture which will be having processors intel vpro, is it ok to to apply AMT on it? Sorry, I'm not really sure how processors work and architecture stuffs(control unit, arithmetic, I/O) but I really do hope it wont affect AMT performance... Or is it any architecture having intel vpro and a lan connection will be ok?

Sorry Roseele, I'm still having trouble understanding your question. I don't see the connection between a von neumann architecture and whether the system will support vPro or not. If a system is vPro (and at a lowerlevel,this meansit hasthe appropriate processor and chipset), it has AMT.

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