Changing power policy using soap

Changing power policy using soap


I'm trying to change power policy using soap service.
Unable to find the WSDL file in AMT SDK(Intel_AMT_SDK_6.0_Hot_Fix_2450\\DOCS\\WSDL).Is it possible to change power policy using soap request?


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Hi Mani,

The soap request for changing the power policy is in Intel_AMT_SDK_6.0_Hot_Fix_2450\DOCS\WSDL\SecurityAdministrationInterface.wsdl

The command youre looking for is SetActivePowerPackage()

While it is possible to set the power package using soap, Wsman is the preferred method moving forwardsince the soap interface has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions of the platform.

You can change the powerspolicyusing the CIM class AMT_SystemPowerScheme. SetPowerScheme() in Wsman


Hi Randy,

Thanks for your reply.I'm using WSman for changing the power policy.
For getting the current power policy scheme using wsman is taking more time.I tried as per AMT SDK
and it's taking more than 15 seconds.Is it possible to reduce the time to fetch current power policy


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