Support for management of root account passwords

Support for management of root account passwords

I heard from a developer whose specific area of implementation is the management of root account passwords (native default mode) in the Intel remote management products (not Enterprise mode) so that the default passwords in all of the devices are put under active management.They were able to dothis for Dell DRAC, HP iLO, generic IPMI, but as of yet we have not implemented support for AMT or vPro. Who can they work with at Intel to get support? Is there information online that can help them?

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Intel vPro has an administration account that is similar to a root account. This admin account has all permissions needed manage the Intel device. The Intel AMT SDK contains information for developing management solutions for Intel vPro. Just goto and type amt sdk and select Download the lastest Intel AMT Software Development Kit (SDK). After downloading the SDK you can look under the Access control list/ Role based authorization feature to learn about managing AMT admin accounts.

In addition to what Randy said, the SDK documentation is actually available online now (here: ). Of course to use any of the samples you'll need to download the SDK as well, but this still makes for a convenient reference.

For a high level overview, some of the sessions from the 2010 virtual seminar back at product launch might be helpful (there are both slides and presentations available here: )

And of course if they have any questions (about the SDK specifically or AMT in general), they're free to ask them here on the forums.

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