Is it allowed to redistribute the Manageability Director?

Is it allowed to redistribute the Manageability Director?

Siemens will deliver his computers with diagnostic software containing AMT support.

To configure the Management Engine and to put certificates into it, Siemens needs a tool to create and put certificates into the ME.

Therefore we want to know if the Manageability Director can be redistributed together with our software. Is this allowed?

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Unfortunately, redistribution of the Manageability Director is not allowed. It (and the rest of the DTK) is intended for use as a reference for developing a solution, and isn't supported at a level that it should be distributed to end users. The source for the Manageability director is provided, so you can use it to develop a solution that can be distributed to end users. Of course the SDK also contains the information needed to do this as well.

Redistribution of SCS is allowed, as long as it's done with the appropriate license (the license is shown when you download the SCS, as well asin the SCS download). It also supports putting certificates into the ME for supporting TLS encryption.

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