How to access Intel AMT ME on ThinkPad T410?

How to access Intel AMT ME on ThinkPad T410?

Hi everybody,

I've tried Ctrl+ P and F2but they did not work. I can only see the AMT (enabled/disabled), CIRA and terminal option on BIOS setup, but I cannot see other AMT options like provision mode (entreprise or basic).

Thanks a lot

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On my T410, if AMT was enabled in the BIOS, pressing Ctrl-P (repeatedly after boot) paused the system at the MEBx menu, with only one option listed:
"Press 1 to enter ME configuration screens"

Pressing 1 got me into the standard MEBx window that I was used to, the one that prompts for the MEBx password, then allows you to configure the system.

Thanks.. I was also having the same problem... :)

Hello Andrew,

Yeah, you're rigth. It's necesary to press CTRL+P more than once.
BTW: I found this documentation about AMT onThinkpad:


Javier Andrs Cceres Alvis

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