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We are looking for available solutions based in open source code using the V-pro technology.

We already take a look at the AMT drivers and tools, but we'd like to know if there is some thing else like a package which implements some functions like remote control not in stand-alone mode.

Please, give us over view about available solutions using V-pro in the plataform Linux.

In the past, we heard about an implementation by CACTI, anybody knows if it goes way??

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I'm not sure I follow your question completely, so let me try to answer.

If you're looking for code you can use to develop your own solution, there are some Linux samples in the SDK, as well as the Java Client Library (here: ) that can be used to quickly develop solutions in Linux (assuming of course you have java in your Linux environment, but that's usually a pretty safe assumption).

If you're asking if there's a robust complete solution, that's also open source, I'm not aware of one. Could you point out the implementation by CACTI you mentioned? I haven't heard that name before either.

Hi Orlando,

If you're looking for sample (working) code to start your own solution on .Netyou can use the DTK. If you're using Linux you san look at the SDK samples.
I hope this helps.

Javier Andrs Cceres Alvis

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