Code eksamples

Code eksamples


I am doing a research project for my employer about AMT..
And now know all i need to know for this project..
Problem is i am all new to SDK, and how to work with em. So its really hard to get started.
Is there any where i can get help on how to use the SDK to make a application my self?

I need to make a application that can connect to a AMT system regardless of AMT version.
Get the hardware info of that machine, and if poss could start it up remotely using AMT to wake.

some code snippets or something would be great to show how to get the connection for an client.

Best regards
Kennet Madsen

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Hi Kennet, welcome.

An excellent place to start is with the "Start Here Guide";this guide covers ways of getting your Intel AMT system setup and configured as well asgetting you developmentenvironment setup. There is a link to it (as well as other useful info) on our main page:

Direct url:

Specifically to your question about samples/snippets, you will find several samples in the SDK under:

You will probably want to look at the AssetDisplay, GeneralInfo, and RemoteControl samples under the WS-Management directory.

And, as always, keep using this forum for any questions you might have.

Thanks for the quick respons.

I have read the start guide, and gone through the generalinfo sample.

But when i try to run it.. it just pops up a cmd window, and closes it after .5 sec..

why is that?

Hi Kennet-

Are you running the sample in the IDE? Try building the .exe then open your own command window cd to your .exe and execute it from your command window; when the sample finishes running your command window will not close allowing you to see the output.

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