Reading the Tmperature from Intel Processors

Reading the Tmperature from Intel Processors

Hello there.
As I am a programmer I am interested in how tools like Lavalys EVEREST, CoreTemp and so on read the CPU's temperature and the temperature of its cores.
My first question is: How do I do this? I think that will be some work with an ASM language.
And the second one: If I want to read an AMD's temp, would I do the same?

Cheers, aVoX

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Hi aVoX,

On your first question, you can download the QST SDK and learn how to read sensors programatically. If you have more specific questions after you download the SDK, feel free to post them here. (If this is what you are looking for.)

On your second question, I don't know if you realize that this discussion forum is for Intel Active Management Technology development. We don't do AMD here. ;-)


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