Need Driver APIs to invoke LinkSec features on E1G42ET (82576EB NIC)

Need Driver APIs to invoke LinkSec features on E1G42ET (82576EB NIC)

I recently purchased 2 E1G42ET network adapter to evaluate the "LinkSec" features on 82576EB.
However, I couldn't find any information about the driver API for 82576EB.
Yes, the 82576 datasheet describes the firmware interface, but I do not intend to write a driver.
I just want to write a supplicant (on Window) to invoke these features through the APIs provided by driver.

Does anyone know where to find the driver APIs for E1G42ET (82576EB NIC)?


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Most the people on this forum have expertise in vPro technologies so I'm not sure we'll be able to readily answer this question. I suspect that the answer will not be specific to this one product or the Intel driver as LinkSec is an IEEE standard. I would guess that the LinkSec interface would be product independent but this is outside my area of expertise.
I will try to find a more definitive answer for you.



Thank you very much for taking my request, any direction would be greatly appreciated.


The hardware is LinkSec / MACSec"ready" but the software is not yet available. It should be available soon.
If you need further assistance, you may want to try contacting support through



Much appreciate your time and efforts to get the result. I will try the support group.



Hi Larry,

did you find something out?
I am currently writing my thesis about layer-2 encryption and macsec (802.1ae) is part of it. I read that my intel card 82567LM is also "macsec ready", but there is lack of software to test it...
I just found a switch, that can speakthe macsec key agreement protocoland handle macsec frames. Only the client implementation is missing.

Has anyone an idea to solve this problem?


Hi Madoma,

I don't know which switch you are talking about, but i've found a Q&A document on a google forum about cisco 3750X / 3560X :

The interesting part is :

Q. The NICs in my installed client base do not have encryption capability. Will

I be able to deploy Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Switches in my


A. Cisco will offer a software-based application that can provide encryption

for legacy PCs and laptops. In these cases, the software client will handle

encryption. This client will also provide for key negotiation as described by

MACsec Key Agreement (MKA).

Maybe you can try to ask Cisco...

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