Not getting the hardware asset information

Not getting the hardware asset information


I have designed a new window for getting the harware information in the datagrid.There I have given the button

which will connect to AMT machine. I have taken all the references of Manegerial Kit and trying to connect to the AMT system but not able to connect. I am pasting my code here

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


AmtSystem computer = new AmtSystem("", 16992, "admin", "poresight1*", false, false);

AmtHardwareComputerSystem ComputerSystemCache = null;

HardwareAssetService service = new HardwareAssetService("");

AmtAssetManager asstMgr = new AmtAssetManager(computer, service);

////// Setup WSMAN support

computer.WsManSupport = Properties.Settings.Default.WsmanSupport;

// Then, connect to the computer.



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When you state "Manegerial Kit" are you refering to the Manageabilty Developer Toolkit? If so, please direct your questions here.

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