How to enable verbose logging for SCS Light server

How to enable verbose logging for SCS Light server


I was usgin SCS Light serverin my set up. I want to get detailed log of SCS Light server. I am getting minimal log informationat C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\AMTConfService\\Service\\SCSLog.log. But I want to get more details . Is there any way to set the log level to display more details in the Log information?



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Hi - you might want to check modifying your registry as documented in THIS blog. This registry mod will enable the SCS debug log in verbose mode.

If that doesn't work, I found the following on page 31 (it's very similar)of the SCS5.2Setup and Configuration Services Installation Guide. Let us know if you have any luck with either of these? The SCS Lite version doesn't document a way to enable this debug log, but I suspect it may still work (it's based on the same code as for the full SCS config server.)

The registry settings for log activation are:







LogLevel = V

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