PXE Boot Timeout with 802.1x with Dell 755

PXE Boot Timeout with 802.1x with Dell 755

Testing with SCCM 2007 SP2 with a EAP-TLS 802.1x port configuration. The AMT-Provisioned Dell O755 AMT Client (BIOS A15 and AMT 3.2.10) remains authenticated when powered off.But when PXE booting, it causes the network switch to reset, and then does not reauthenticate. Therefore DHCP timeout occurs.

The AMT SDK documentation indicates 'PXE_8021x_timeout' is 120 second default for AMT 2.6, but doesn't say what it is for 3.0 and above.

Does anyone know what the new setting is, and what might bethe simplest way to fix the PXE Boot over 802.1x timeout problem?


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The default is still 120 seconds. You can take a look at the PxeTimeout property in the class referenece for AMT_8021XProfile located in the .DOCSWS-Management_Class_Reference folder of the current SDK.

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