Where to find what you're looking for in the SDK

Where to find what you're looking for in the SDK

I just posted a blog about which documents to use in the SDK to get started with development against the WS-Man interface,here. All of the documents I mention in myblogare also listed in the index.html file that's in the DOCS directory, but I also gave a quick blurb on what you might want to use those particular documents for.

Which leads to a question I have for people this week. Is there anything you're currently trying to find in the SDK that you'd like some advice on? Or any information on what you might want to use a given code sample for? Even if you just wondered something in passing, feel free to post a quick question up here.

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Javier just posted a blog that I really liked that helps address a similar topic, his touches on where to find stuff in the DTK. It's on Agent Presence, where to find code in the DTK to help implement, and some of his learnings on the topic. I've included a link to it here:


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