What code I should write to check AMT machine?

What code I should write to check AMT machine?

Hi All,

Please tell me What code I should write to check AMT. We are trying to give AMT support in our existing product, for that we are adding code in to our existing code and we want a check that will tell us the machine on which code is running have AMT support or not.


if (IsAMTPresent())


//code for AMT support


I want to write IsAMTPresent() function.

I also want to know the version of the AMT on that machine.

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You can use the APIs in the GeneralInfo realm for getting info about your AMT system. The GeneralInfo section in the network interface guide in the SDK clearly mentions the API's available and the description. In your case, you need to use GetCoreVersion API. A string is returned if the AMT exists on the system. More details about the format of the string can be found in the network interface guide.

Please make sure that the HECI/LMS are installed when using this API.



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