AMT and remote management

AMT and remote management

I have a basic AMT question, but one that doesn't seem to have an easy answer. Wewill be deploying several hundred PCs with theIntel DQ35JOmotherboards which are AMT enabled. The Intel ME firmward version on the board is

We would like to have the ability to remotely network boot a PC (i.e. send a remote F12 command when the PC is booting up) via a PXE boot and from there on, we have a deployment system in place that can be used to re-image the HDD of the PC.

I have read the majority of the documentation and cases here and still don't know if this is possible via AMT. Again, I just need to be able to remotely force a machine to do a network boot.

Is this possible with AMT remote management? If so, what tool(s) do I use?

I have tried ISDU but I receive the same error and behavior that is mentinoed here Of course I cannot use the Commander tool since the DTK is not available for download at the moment.

Should I be usingSCS? Will that provide me with the functionality to do a remote network boot?



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You can use the SOL feature in AMT for doing this. Using this, you can redirect the console and while booting up you can hit the F12 key. For using SOL, you can use the IMRGUI solution included in the SDK or come up with your own SOL feature and use it for remote network boot.

We have a video tutorial here to implement the SOL feature.




This solution is acceptable if you want user interaction but you can also send a Remote Control Operation with a ForcePxeBoot as special command parameter, so you will not need to hit manually the F12 key. More information could be found in the Network Interface Guide from the SDK (look for RemoteControl interface and method) and you can even use the RemoteControl.exe sample provided to make try ...

The full SDK is available for download here.

Hope that helps :-)


Thank you Dan and Sree,

I will try both suggestions and see how I make out.



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