Unprovisioning happens while setting PPS-PID

Unprovisioning happens while setting PPS-PID


I've an AMT 4.0 enabled Dell Laptop. System is in enterprise unconfigured mode with DHCP enabled. AMT firmware version is

MEI driver version is

LMs version is

I'm trying to manually configure it in enterprise mode by entering the PID-PPS manually. Whenever I set the PID-PPS, it says "unprovisioning Intel AMT" and wipes out all the Configuration server, Port, DNS and hostname entries. The behaviour is very unpredictable and happens 9 out of 10 times.

I have tough time finding out any pattern for this behaviour and when it will actually take the PPS-PID without unprovisioning.

Can someone tell me why does this happen and how to avoid this ?



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Hi - I tried to contact you via your email address but it bounced back. As you are an OEM, you should have a dedicated Intel contact that you would work with on these issues. Please let us know if you are having difficulty figure out who your contact is and we can help you track it down.


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