Shutting off AMT technology on my laptop PC

Shutting off AMT technology on my laptop PC

How would I shut off AMT technology on my PC?

My soon-to-be ex-husband isaccessing my informationfrom his notebook computer. He has been keeping up with my computer time, reading my e-mail messages, and accessing my word documents for several months now.

I finally figured out how he was accessing my information by looking in the event logs of my notebooks (had one, bought another because I thought he put a keylogger on the first one) and by looking at the installed/added drivers on his notebook. Searching this info lead me to your AMT software.

Any information would be appreciated.

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You can disable Intel AMT from the Bios. For doing this, reboot the system and hit CTRL+P when it reboots - this will take you toME Bios settings, where you can disable AMT.



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