Change ME BIOS password

Change ME BIOS password


I just upgraded my BIOS and I'm trying to change the pwd in ME BIOS from admin to ???, but the new pwd is not accepted. What is the required syntax for the pwd.



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Must meet complexity requierements, i.e. Ab12345$


Exactly. I think it's 8 characters long, one capital, one small cap, one number and one special character. For testing lots of people have been trying to figure out the best password to use that is the quickest to type.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)


Please check out Gael's blog at the guidelines for a strong ME password.



I bought a Tecra by Toshiba at Ebay and the seller never gave me the bios password. is there any way I can recover or obtain a new password?

The BIOS password is not the same as the AMT password. You will need to check with Toshiba.

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