Intel System Defense Utility

Intel System Defense Utility

Dear all,

I need your help on using Intel System Defense Utility.Now I have practice on 2 PCs, one is using MB intel D945GCNL (call PC1)and another one is using MB Intel DQ35JO with iATM ver 3.0.1 (Call PC2). I installed Intel System Defense on PC1 to perform a remote control on PC2 but in this situation, I can not connect to PC2 (note: I still can see the PC2 in the Network Discover).

Note: Some feature I config below.

Network: DHCP for both PC1 and PC2

iAMT mode: Small Business

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Can you please make sure the that you can connect to PC2 using web browser - http://PC2-IP-Address:16992 ? After you connect through web browser, we know that AMT is provisioned correctly. Please makesure the firewall on both PCs are turned off. When you connect to PC2 using the system defense utility, what is the error you are seeing?

hi Akillendula,

thanks for your reply,

I'm sure that I can connect to PC2 by web browser. i can see the PC2 in the Network Discovery windows of System Defense Utility but I can notconnect it (no errors appear). I also turned of all firewall on PC1 and PC2. However, I canstill connect and remote PC2 by SysAM software.

Intel System Defense Utility version: 1.6.1


Hi there.

I am not the author of the Intel System Defence Utility (ISDU), it's based on the DTK code, but I just wish they have put in more debug logs. Can you try Intel AMT Commander or Intel AMT Defender? Intel AMT Defender is my own knock off of ISDU, it even looks strangly similar, but support all AMT versions, TLS, WSMAN, etc. See if they connect. I don't think ISDU works with TLS and is only being tested with a narrow range of computers.

I am hopeing that if you try Commander or Defender, it will warn you of something wrong or give you and error and generate a log. In any case, it will give you a hint of what's up. In both there tools you can go in the help menu and select "Show debug information..." to see what going on.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

I have the same problem:

What was the solution in your case?

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