ISVS_AddPermissionsGroupMembers Question

ISVS_AddPermissionsGroupMembers Question

Hi all,
I've just looked at the documentation for the ISVS_AddPermissionsGroupMembers. It seems that you can assign an applicationhandle to the group. Does it matter if the application is in a different enterprise?

Also, is it possible to allow everyone to see the block?
If so how would I go about doing this, as I can't see how this can be done..

Many thanks


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Hi, I suggest you experiment with the Intel AMT Outpost storage tab, it's quite educational. My understanding is that everything within an enterprise starts within that enterprise. It's like different administrative domains. There is no way to let everyone see a block, each application must log into 3PDS and so, block visibility will depend on how they log in. Commander will enumerate all applications and log in as each application using an all-zero GUID, this is how Commander gets to see so many blocks.

Hope this helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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