Hi Intel team,
I have testing a sample motherboard on Q35 chipset with AMT 3.0 feature,SATA DVD-ROM and RAID1 on Intel Matrix.
I created bootable dvd-rom with Windwos 98 startup files(floppy simulation) and SATA driver for SATA DVD-ROM.
When i use IDE-Redirection to CD-ROM, redirection work properly, AMT machine booted properly from bootable dvd-rom that located on client computer.
If i tring to use IDE-Redirection to ISO file that created from this dvd-rom,AMT machine cannot boot.
Also if i removing the SATA driver from bootable dvd-rom it also connot boot.
Also if i unplug SATA DVD-ROM from AMT motherboard i cannot boot trough IDE-R.
The question is how the IDE-R working with cd-rom redirection,if i want to use cd-rom redirection i need to have physical cd-rom connected on AMT machine?
And why IDE-R not working properly with ISO file .. may be problem with the drive letter and windows 98 boot files?
Thank you.

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This looks very similar to one of the forum questions posted before; please refer to

Basically, you need tochange the BIOS settings when using the ISO image instead of the physical CD-ROM.

BTW, could you please give us details onthe OEM, BIOS and AMT firmware?



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