Decoding of FRU values

Decoding of FRU values

We are retrieving FRU (Filed Replaceable Units)
information, But those information will be in the form
Hexadecimal values like DeviceID - 0x2996,
Device location - 0x003, Vendor ID 0x8086.

Actually we want show this in understandable form,
so we want to decode the values, if any one have the
information on this, or any url please provide us.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Ravi,

I found these two URL's that have the listing of vendor ID and device ID's along with a meaningful name. I am not sure if it is a complete list but its a start. I will let you knowas I find more information about it. Click on Tab delimited vendor/device list. Direct link is

Here you can find list of vendor IDs -


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