Hello message UUID all zeros

Hello message UUID all zeros

We just received a bunch of HP laptops with AMT support. We have setup an SCS server as well as the SMS Add-On. We have prepared all of the systems using a USB key. However, when the systems are sending out their HELLO message to the SCS server, the SCS server is reporting the UUID to be 00000000000000000000000000000000. Because of this, the provisioning operation fails. Whats strange, if I use the RCT tool to push defaults to the SCS server, the UUID is set properly under Configuration parameters. Even after that, subsequent HELLO messages still show up as all zeros.

Any ideas?

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Hi Frank... I will email you with the Intel -and- HP contacts who are aware of this.

I believe there is a fix on both sides for this...

I also wanted to mention that HP does have a forum for customers to take issues to regarding their HP desktops/notebooks, etc... it is not a AMT specific site, however, they will take all questions HP.


Having said that... this still seems to be the best AMT site I have found... lots of great info frommany folks all over the place doing all sorts of interesting things.

BTW, Frank is now in touch with our support folks and should have a resolution shortly.



Thank you very much for assisting Frank towards the resolution of the issue. All of the forum members would be very interested to learn the resolution for this problem. It would be really great if you can post the details once this issue is resolved.


The soltuion is to update the AMT firmware to version Its a slow process to upgrade all our systems. But it does fix the issue.

Thanks for the update Frank. Sorry to hear that FW upgrade is the only solution to it.

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