Getting the MAC-IDs of system when the system is power off

Getting the MAC-IDs of system when the system is power off

Is it possible to get the Mac-ID of Intel AMT with SDK.
if it is possible please specify the example file.

Actually i want to get the MAC-IDs of system when the
system is power off. please specify if it is possible.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Ravi,

Good to see you back on the forum. Yes you can get the MAC address of Intel AMT using the SDK. Please use the NetworkAdministration.exe in WindowsIntel AMT SDKBin folder. Try to use the API as shown below:

NetworkAdministration.exe -A -verbose -user admin -pass PASSWORD http://hostname:16992/NetworkAdministrationService

Tha above command should list all of the network parameters. Look for the sample code for this in the samples folder. Hope this helps.


Hi Ajith,
Thanks for reply.

The related sample code is not available in SDK 2.1,
which is newly added in SDK 3.0.

Actually i am facing one issue while executing the
EnumerateInterfaces getting the error code

I am expecting because of old firmware .., we are using
2.1, I think we can get it if we use latest firmware.

Please give the info , what could be the reasons for this.

Thanks & Regards,

In the new version of Intel AMT Commander, I added a button to get the network interface information and noticed that the MAC address it's not avaialble on AMT 2.1, just 2.5 and above. You can still get other network information on 2.1 computers like the Intel AMT IP address, subnet, gateway, DHCP mode, etc.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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