AMT Versions

AMT Versions


I hope someone can provide me with information as to how the various names of platforms, such as weybridge and santarosa match up to AMT versions. We have clients asking us these questions and I dont know how to answer them. Is there an online resource that explains this? What i am looking for is something like:

Santarosa = AMT2.x and is forNotbooks.

Weybrindge = AMT 2.x and is for Desktops

Any help with this would be great so that we can use the correct terminology when talking to clients and and advise them on what type of platform would be best for them.

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Hi Adrian,

That is a very good question. Checkout this URL for more specs on CentrinoPro and next generation vPro platforms : Page 5 in the PDF document has good comparison on the platform components along with the version of AMT applicable. Please let me know if you need further information.

In summary,

CentrinoPro (aka SantaRosa)- AMT 2.5, 2.6 for notebooks only.

vPro (aka Weybridge)- AMT 3.0 for desktops only.


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