can I remotely control the PC?

can I remotely control the PC?

Confused beginner question...

I have one PC with DQ965GF motherboard, I installed Windows XP on it andthe latest drivers from IntelI alsoopened ports 16992 to 16995 in the router.

In the other PC I downloaded Intel_AMT_Developer_Tool_Kit_v0.37.exe and used "Intel AMT Commander" to connect to the remote system

I saw that I can power up and power down and do some other functions in the "Intel AMT Terminal Tool" but I can't find How to actually remotely see the screen and control the system like in "window's remote desktop" for example

How can I do that? Is it passable?

Sorry for my bad English /:

Print screen attached

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Congratulations on getting the first few steps done before exploring AMT further. I would recommend you to watch the video tutorials available at this URL

One of the feature set of Intel AMT is support for IDE redirection, which means that you can make the remote system boot of an image available anywhere on the network. Another feature that is most often used in conjunction with this is the Serial Over Lan (SOL). SOL allows you to watch the remote PC's display, control keyboard and mouse. SOL currently only supports text redirection, so it wont be similar to windows remote desktop capability which can support graphical interface also.

Please let us know if you have further questions.



AMT does text remoting only; so to get graphics you will need some type of OS support.

One solution would be to RDP/VNC to a computer with the network driver disabled and no IP address at the OS level. You need a special agent running on the OS to do it. This is explained at Tools and tutorial video available at




I installed the Outpost Service and a VNC server on the remute PC

I also configured the Serial over LAN - TCP Port Redirection to carry the VNC communication

so far its working good

thanks for your help

Goodto hear that its working for you. Please let us know if you have further questions.

"SOL currently only supports text redirection"

will it support graphical interface in the future?

and if it will does its going to require a program like Outpost running on the remote PC or it will be able to work in any situation like the text version?

Hi There,

We currently do not have the addition of graphical redirection as a feature inIntel AMT'sroadmap. I will definitely pass this request to our product teams. In my opinion, if we were to add the graphical redirection feature, it would be all done through AMT and would not require any other agent's support. But again, once we include this feature in our products roadmap, we will provide you more details as soon as they become available.


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