Using F10 with a remote PC

Using F10 with a remote PC

When I remotely access theBIOS through SMS, I have to press F10 to exit. I have not found any options to send the F10 command to the remote pc.

Can you provide me with the correct keys, or where I can locate the setup for this in the SMS server?

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Can you provide us more details about the version of AMT, BIOS and the OEM vendor information? What version of SMS Add-on you are using? I am assuming that you are connected to a PC through a SOL session using Intel SMS Add-on. Does the machine enter into BIOS when you reboot? If the remote machine boots into BIOS screen, the F10 key on the local keyboard is not working for you?


Thanks for the response.

The system being used is an HP6910 and the AMT version is 2.5. I have no idea which version of SMS add-on was being used.

I can remotely access the bios, navigate and make changes, highlight save and exit but when it says press f10 to exit, I can find no option for this. I know with Commander, you can use a sequence of keys to make f10 work, but I see no option for this in SMS.

Glad to hear that some things worked. Are you trying this on wired or wireless interface? SMS Add-on does not support wireless interface. Please contact SMS Add-on support folks from this page - Let us know if you have further questions.


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