AMT Scripting question

AMT Scripting question

I was creating a simple script to send few keys to connected PC and found out that it only sends lower case keys or convert to lower case. How do I send upper case characters?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi There,

Thanks for the question on the forum. Please let us know the version of AMT, BIOS, OEM vendor information and the tools that you are using. All of this information would help us better in answering your question.


IBM x61 Laptop
AMT version 2.5.0
BIOS Version 1.06

I am using script editor from AMT Terminal Tool.


Lower case keys only! Oh dear, I never noticed. I will check and work on a fix right now.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

I just checked and lower case works. I added a "sent" command with the string "AbC" with Intel AMT Outpost was running and it works. I also saved the script and re-loaded it and still ok.

By the way, I changed the file format for saving the script from a binary format to a text format in the next version. I still support the binary format, but with the new version you can edit the script with Notepad, etc.

Can you elaborate of give me any hints as to the problem... I can't see it.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

I was testing script for entering sign-on credential for a hard drive encryption program which prompts you before OS starts loading. Pasword is case sensitive so when I was sending "PassWord" it sent as "password" and I was not able to sign on remotely. I'm testing this to help users with forgotten password issues.


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