vPro and Remote "desktop"

vPro and Remote "desktop"

I recently found about vPro and couldnt wait to get my hands on a machine with it. since i work from home alot and use a KVM-Over-IP to instal windows and troubleshoot machines at the office

I understand that the AMT treminal connection is text only but is there any third party developed applications based on it with full remote control of the machine ......kinda like ILO2 on servers with full remote "desktop" even after boot, for windows itself, win setup, or other gui based apps that run off boot like acronis imaginig software and such


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Hi there.

Because AMT does text remoting only, to get graphics you will need some type of OS support. I don't have any solution for installing Windows completely remotely, maybe there is a way to activate a remomte management console to do it, not sure.

There is a cool trick you can do with AMT computers you can't do with any other computer: You can RDP/VNC to a computer with the network driver disabled and no IP address at the OS level. You need a special agent running on the OS to do it, but it's very cool. It's explained here, tools and tutorial video available here.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)


one other thing i just tried it on couple machines over last couple weeks and i cant get device manager or task manager to show anything when remoted in

Could someone have any idea why i am not able to use most of the Serail Agent features, Process monitor, Device manager and now the new Windows Management (i have some DQ35JO s now also)

I cant get any of those things working, i just get empty list

i have been using every AMT DTK versions since .30 and have variouos AMT firmwares 2.1.0, 2.13, 3.0.1 on different boards

running in small buissnes mode

please help


Hi. To use the serial agent features, you need to have the Serial-over-LAN driver installed correctly on the Intel AMT computer and have Intel AMT Outpost running on it. Once running, go to the serial agent tab of Outpost and enable the serial agent. If you are connected using the remote terminal, you should see a command prompt show up.

At this point you can type commands and use all of the serial agent features. Intel AMT Guardport is also a lightweight serial agent (built in C/C++) but does not yet have all the features Outpost has.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

Thanks Ylian!

Thing is i remotely manage 150 ish computers including setup on new ones. I got one of the DQ965 for me to play with localy also but just havent had enough time to go through AMT documentation and figure it all out. I find the technology great and its soo nice that it came down to workstations now and not just on expencive servers, all the computers that we have been getting in last while have all had DQ965 mobos ot DQ35 since recently even though i didnt have the outpost running it has been really nice to be able to reboot computers and all when working remotley

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