AMT Software for hardware inventories

AMT Software for hardware inventories

I work for a small reseller, and would like to know what software is available that can use AMT to perform Hardware Inventory on system thatis in our shop. We would like to be able to keep detailed hardware information on all AMT capable systems we produce for maintance and record keeping purposes.

Can you provide us with information on which software applications, either from Intel or a third party, can perform this function?

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You can do it in two ways:

1. You canlog onto your AMT system through web url http://ipaddress:16992. On the left side, you will see Hardware Information and under that there is system, processor, memory and Disk. You can click at each of them and see the details.

2. You can do this through Intel Commander, which comes along with Intel AMT DTK. You can download the latest version (V0.36) from There is a tutorial on Intel Commander, which will help you get started and how to perform the hardware inventory of your AMT system at

Let me know if you have any questions.



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