Notification of SOL session on AMT machine

Notification of SOL session on AMT machine


Can we show any notification on AMT-enabled machine's screen that currently it is in SOL session or we can show a message on AMT machine when any Management Console starts a SOL session with it?

Does any API provide any such thing, SOL/IDER API doesn't provide any such thing.


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Hello Sohaib,

Thanks for the question on the forum. There is no API to provide the notification message on the clientindicating the current SOL session in progress.

Hi Sohaib,

I just found out that starting in Intel AMT 2.5, the User Notification Service (UNS) logs such an event (opening and closing an SOL/IDER session) in the Windows event log.

Applications can get this information from the log and display this to the user in any way they choose (I thinkapplications can also register to receive notifications of an item being added to the event log).

I'm still not familiar with a solution for Intel AMT releases older than 2.5.

Hope this helps.

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