Some vPro Question

Some vPro Question

i hope this is not a silly question

can someone explain me about the filter, CB and such. and what component that does this filtering whether it is ICH8 or 82566DM or is it software-solution filtering process?

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There are some good diagrams (like on page8)that show where the filters get processed in the "System Defense and Agent Presence Overview doc which is located in the "Docs" folder in the SDK which can be downloaded from the Manageability Community site. (here)

An example flow for network isolation would be as follows:

  • Basically, your management console (MC) connects to Intel AMT client over the network through a secure OOB channel. The MC sets the System Defense policies used by Intel AMT to control the configuration of the TX and RX filters.
  • Intel AMT selects the Active Policy based on the policy precedence.
  • Intel AMT activates the filters associated with the Active Policy
  • Each packet sent or received by client Applications passes through the TX and RX Filters allowing the System Defense filters to isolate specific flows

BTW - the filters are in the ICH.

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