Fail to acquire AMT configuration

Fail to acquire AMT configuration

Hello, we have a Fujitsu PC where we don't entry by web http://IP_address:16992...
We have tested AMT BIOS and we obtain the error: 'Fail to acquire Intel AMT configuration'. We have disconnected cable PC during one minute, and we don't obtain a good result. Because we obtain 'Fail to acquire AMT configuration', we can not do un-provision. What can we do?

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Hello Raul,

We may need some clarification on your problems. Are you saying that you can't access the Web UI at all? (Accessing the Web UI is a good test to ensure that AMT is happy) The error "Fail to acquire Intel AMT Configuration" sounds like you may have to reflash your bios/firmware and re-configure the ME and AMT settings. Although, I think before reflashing, I would make sure your ME and AMT settings are correct.

Can you provide more information? Have you successfully provisioned this system? Have you installed the LMS/HECI drivers onto your AMT system? Are you using Static IPs or DHCP?

Hi Raul,

Have you just flashed the firmware onto this box? If so did you make sure that the power cable and LAN cable are disconnected for 15-20 seconds.

I am assuming that you are not having luck accessing AMT via Web UI and when you enter BIOS, since AMT is failing to acquire its configuration, you cannot unprovision it either. If my assumptions are correct, before reflashing new firmware, I would like you to try this. Disconnect power, LAN cable. Pull out the CMOS battery for few seconds. Connect everything back and enter MEBx through BIOS and try to provision in again.

Let us know how this works out. Also if you run into issues, please answer all the questions Gael Holmes has asked that will help us in resolving the issue.


i don't access the web UI and i want to do un-provision to this PC in AMT BIOS. In this point, i obtain this error. I have already disconnected power, LAN cable... and i obtain the same result.

I have updated the last BIOS and this installed LSM. I use DHCP. Furthermore, with Intel AMT Commander we can not connect.

What can i do?

Best regards.

Hi Raul,

Have you checked to make sure it is being assinged an IP Address? Can you ping it? Also check to make sure the Firewall on the AMT Client is not enabled (even if you have previously checked- I have found that Windows will enable it again even though I disabled it. If the firewall is enabled, you won't be able to ping it or get into the Web UI.


i have IP address, of course, and i can ping it, and i don't have enabled firewall... i am desperate...

Hi Raul,

Did you also pull the CMOS battery for 10-15 seconds? After doing this you will need to go through and set up the ME and AMT again. When you boot do you get the message that the Firmware version is good (I don't remember exactly what it says) and then you should also see messages that AMT is configured and that all the tables match.

Do you have documentation for this system also stating what BIOs settings need to be set - you may need to set the system to the optimal settings first (F9?)and then make one or two changes and then go into the ME to configure it, and then the AMT configuration to configure that. If all this doesn't work you may need to contact Fujitsu.

This is a very old thread, but the only search result I get that matches my issue.

I have an old Acer Veriton 3900Pro, it has a Acer FQ965M motherboard with BIOS R03-A4. I could configure AMT on it OK

I found out the motherboard was a rebranded Foxconn Q9657MC, and it Foxconn had a newer BIOS released, so I flashed version 684F1P28.

After flashing I noticed it did not have any AMT settings, so I flashed the Acer one back on.

Now I cannot configure AMT, the same as the OP. Not about not being able to access any IP etc, I can't even get into the AMT menu in the MEBx to set up any settings IP to begin with.

This is what I now get when I select "AMT Configuration" from the MEBx (It used to work fine before the BIOS flash and re-flash):

I have reset BIOS to defaults, and totally unplugged all connectors and removed battery etc with no change.

Did you check the BIOS itself for any settings related to the ME or AMT?

Also, could you please check your OEM's website and make sure you have all the current versions of the drivers/software?  (MEI driver, Firmware,etc.) 


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