[SOL] unable to see the text when I reset the computer

[SOL] unable to see the text when I reset the computer

I try to reset a computer remotely and also want to see the dos text through SOL. However, there is no dos text sending to the console, but the reset function works okay. I could work this function correctly in other machines; however, in the motherboard (Matanzas FAB-3), I cannot succeed on seeing dos text through SOL, but I can see the sol running successfully when I try to do PowerReset + RunToBiosPage + SOL.

I also try the DTK tool, which can successfully runs the both cases I mentioned above.

I really appreciate your any suggestion.

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Vicky, the same happened to me because I had a very old version of the AMT firmware.
After updating I did not have anymore trouble with the SOL issue.

May be a different case but anyway new firmware has lots of improvements.



Yes - please check to make sure you have the latest firmware on your system - upgrading is very often the quickest way to happiness.

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