Documentation on AMT Library Files

Documentation on AMT Library Files

Where can I find the documentation onhow to use the library fileto control Intel AMT (I develop programsusing C#)?

Thank you very much.

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I think your question is related to this thread:

I suggest you download the entire Intel AMT SDK.

hope this helps!

Hi and Thank for your help.

I've already followed that link and downloaded the Intel AMT SDK.
And look in the Network Interface Guide according to Ylian's answer.
But I've only found the API for C language not C#. I also checked in other files but I didn't find it.
Can you help me for a further?

Thank you vary much.

Although the APIs are in C language, you can still use the document to learn more about the API parameters. AMT SDK relies on web services to create the Intel AMT APIs. Refer to EventSimulation sample project (SamplesEventSimulation). This project is implemented in C#. You may also download the source code of DTK.

Thank for your help.
So, the document of C# is not exist rightnow right?

Thank again.

Exactly:-) You still have to go over the examples in order to understand the usage of the APIs.

If you have further questions about the APIs feel free to post it here.:-)

Thank for your help.

I'm very new in this kind of program. I've read through many document.
And I found that I lack of experience in SOAP, WSDL, and Kerberos (I don't even know what it is)
If I what to write the program just to Power on and off and retrieve infomation about hardware, could you give me any suggestion like which method to focus on.
Right now I didn't think I capable to write the program with the advance function.

Thank you very much.

I'm also not familiar with SOAP and WSDL but by referring to the sample codes I was still able to communicate with AMT.

Remote Control Interface exposes methods for Power on and off. You may focus on it in your study.

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