we have two questions:

  1. How can we obtain the
    list of web methods that Intel provide us?
  2. Would a vPro PC call a
    webmethod that belongs it, and for example update his state his self?


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I suggest you download the Intel AMT SDK. Just type it in on the search box to get the link.

A vPro PC cannot update itselft or locally, it has to be done remotely.

To be more specific, the list of most Intel AMT API's are in the Intel AMT SDK in the "docs" folder under the name "Network Interface Guide.pdf". This is probably the single most imporant document for Intel AMT developers. The two API's that are not in that document at 3PDS (Storage Design Guide.pdf) and IDE-R/SOL (Redirection Library Design Guide.pdf).

For developers, even if you use the DTK to get started, all the DTK tools are built on top of the knowledge provided by the SDK.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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